The Company employs state-of-the-art automatic equipment for production of all its products:
- "Doosan" and "DMC" lathe machining centers (made in South Korea);
- "Fanuc" industrial robots (Japan);
- "CEMB" balancing machines (Italy).

Machining of parts is made by fine lathe turning at high cutting speed (over 1,000 m/min). A part does not heat up at such a speed which results in the absence of inner deformations in parts. Tools from the leading global makers are used for machining of parts. Using of cutter plates made from superhard material (cubic boron nitride and mineral ceramics) helps to achieve high machining quality. 100% of parts are tested during manufacturing process. Each disk is balanced during production with the help of fine milling. Disk unbalance comes to nothing.

"AvtoReal" LLC was audited by Common Supplier "AVTOREAL" LLC passed an audit of the joint development and quality improvement service of alliance suppliers "AvtoVaz - Renault - Nissan" - CSQSD.

The company introduced quality management tools: FMEA